Twitter: @frankli714

Hello world!

I'm an incoming Assistant Professor in Georgia Tech's Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) Department, beginning Fall 2020.

FOR PROSPECTIVE Ph.D. STUDENTS: I am looking for motivated students with research experience for this upcoming application cycle (2019-2020), so please consider applying to GT CS and/or ECE. I'm particularly interested in students with experience in network security, network measurements, data mining of software repositories, or usable security. (Feel free to drop me an email, but I may be slow or unable to respond to everything, sorry!)

Research Summary: Computer systems deployed across the Internet are riddled with security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. These lapses lead to severe compromise and data breach incidents (e.g., the massive 2017 Equifax breach). I work on (1) empirically understanding the barriers that prevent or limit people in addressing these security problems, and (2) developing methods and tools for overcoming these barriers.

Selected Publications: